questions you ask/get asked for a prep cook position

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    just getting out of culinary school and dont have much experience outside some small quick service type places (chipotle, tijuana flats, etc) looking to get into a fine dining restaurant but i am pretty green when it comes to interviews, much less working for these types of jobs. what do chefs normally ask someone without a lot of experience. i do know what i learned in culinary school but not much else. ive been on interviews in the past, and they always seem to ask things that i have no idea about, or have never even heard about. i know im expected to learn on my own and i get that, but it seems to be more and more difficult just to get a prep position in actual restaurant. any advice on how to go about this, or any chefs out there what do you normally ask people on interviews culinary wise. again i am very new to the industry...