Questions On Some Cooking Equipment

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I'm a new cook and I'm looking to purchase some new items for the kitchen.

My first question is regarding knives. I'm looking to get a 6" chefs knife. I was looking at the Wusthoff Grand Prix II at Chefs for $69. I notcied they have the same size knife in the Grand Prix I model for $64. Probably no real difference right? Any thoughts on the Grand Prix models or possibly a cheaper/better option?

My 2nd question is regarding sauce/stock pots. I have a basic set of Emerilware from All Clad. I really like the frying pans. However the stock pots seem to take forever to boil water. I'm looking to pick up a pot roughly around 4-5 qt. in size. I'm not looking to break the bank, I just want a decent pot that doesn't take all day to heat up.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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Hello jte1130 and welcome to Chef Talk Cafe. When you get a chance, why not stop in the Welcome Forum so we can give you a proper welcome? Also, don't miss the great articles, reviews and information on the main Chef Talk site.

Your questions about knives have been discussed in earlier threads. I suggest you use the search function (at the top of the screen) and take advantage of those good conversations.

As for the pots, I have the Emeril non-stick set. I know many people here would recommend All-Clad (as I would- they're great), but they're expensive too. You could also check for earlier threads on pots and pans, as those have been topics of conversations as well.

You've come to the right place. I expect you'll get many points of view on your request.


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