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    Hello all! I am 29 years old and have finally decided to chase to my passion for food and cooking. I am a line cook and this is my first gig in the food industry. The question I have is that would most professionals here recommended culinary school. Is culinary school a necessity for me to become successful. I have a strong will and passion for food and cooking. I am dedicated and hard working as well. Is it possible to learn the ropes over the years and knowledge through hard work and dedication without culinary school. Do chefs in the kitchen recognize someones passion and hard work who are not trained professionally and willing to train them and advance them?

    Thank you
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    Most definitely! I can train someone in culinary arts much easier and with better success than I can train someone in attitude, passion, and hard work.

    Some of my best sous chefs over the years have been people who came to me with no culinary training or prior restaurant experience and rose through the ranks.

    Chefs and restaurants have been around a lot longer than culinary schools.