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I would have posted this in the catering forum, but not being a pro, thought I'd better throw it out here.

I'm writing a piece about catering and looking for some insights about what trends are happening right now... what your clients are looking for, and what you're throwing into the mix to make things more interesting?

Also it's my impression that holding warm food is one of the biggest challenges for catering? What kinds of foods would you avoid using when catering, becuuse they just don't hold up well?

I'm most interested in starches/sides/grains and what you would look for in those products. And any buffet insights are welcome as well.

Sorry to be so open  ended... but I'm in the early research pahse, and too much inforamtion is better than too little, so tell me anything that seems relevant.

Thanks in advance for any replies.  You will make a struggling writer very happy!!!
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While you can't post in the pro section, you certainly can read what others have posted.  Have you tried that yet?
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Unless your talking about all buffet service, holding food is holding food. It is a challenge to hold food for 2 or 3 hours on a buffet but one should only put out a small amount at a time. Steaks should be avoided and if possible confined to sit down dinners.. Keep in mind all foods on the buffet are kept hot vi Chaffing Dishes. These are no more then miniature glorified steam-tables, and rules that apply to steam-tables should be observed.For that matter any cold foods left on a buffet that has been out for any long period of time at room temp should be thrown out.. Do not pack it to go as it then sits in the  guest  cars for at least another 1/2 hour minimum. As far as trends, depends what part of country you are in. The only thing really new that can be done is flood them with great service and smiling faces.
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Thanks fro your replies! @Free rider: yes, I did search the Catering forums, and got quite a bit of info, I'm just looking for more specific insights about the challenges of grains and starches in particular... and what people want and expect.

Thanks Ed, I'll keep the bit about steam tables in mind.
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