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    Hello, I'm a linecook as I have been for a few years now. My company doesn't utilize chefs, and I have to ask a few questions of a chef for my Public Speaking course in college. Thank you to anyone who responds.

    What is your name? (First or last name will do)

    How long were/are you a chef?

    How did you become a chef? (education wise like school or apprenticeship or so on)

    What are the most important qualities for someone wanting to be a chef?

    Thank you so much for your time. Also If you could leave an email address for my bibliography it would be much appreciated!
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    I would recommend instead buying this book:

    Which should answer a lot of your questions with more depth than what you are asking.
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    I am pretty sure if the OP turns in a paper having interviewed one of the rock star chefs featured in the book that is linked, he will get a big fat zero.

    Unless the instructor is a BOH groupie and demands an intro to said chef, lolol.

    @OP...pretty sure the object of the lesson is to actually talk (face to face) with a living, breathing person.

    Not having one readily available at your workplace (probably) does not excuse you from turning in an honestly prepared paper.

    Surely there are other kitchens in your area with an obliging Chef.

    Think outside the box, hotels, catering companys (don't forget about the airlines), even the mass food producers.

    Call (avoid the busy service hours ) and make an appointment!

    You may just hit the jackpot and really hit it off with said Chef.

    IMO you can never have too many names on a networking list.

    Good luck!

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