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Hi there. Ok. I was thinking i could go through a cookbook. Bake all the dessert recipes and then write about it. I have 252 recipes that i am going to bake. It's going to take a while. but thats ok:) Anyway, i was just wondering if that sounded good. i mean i think it would be fun. but...i dont know. haha. and one more question. [im new here] so where would i post my thoughts on the recipes? i have no idea where i would post them. at all.:) thanks! :)
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Nikki, you can post them right here. But.....

If you use somebody else's recipe you have to give full credit as to the source, the book and author, if that's the case, other web site, whatever.

Comments should include any changes you made, your analysis of the recipe, and any other insights you can provide. Cheftalk is not a recipe-dump site, and we do not, as a rule, post recipes for their own sake. When we do post recipes it's most often because somebody had a question about that dish, somebody has a question about the specific recipe, and so forth.

In other words, there has to be a reason to post it.

Broadening out, there is a cookbook review forum, here at Cheftalk, and, if you want to do a write up of the book, itself, that's the place to post it.
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