Question to all you Pro Crepe Makers! Equipment and Recipe

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Hi you guys, im new to this Forum!

I wanted to ask if there is anyone here with professional experience in crepe catering business.

Im starting my own crepe business next year and currently making the first steps towards creatig the recipes and choosing the right gear!

The Krampouz sets seem to be pretty good but which size would you guys choose ? There are 30cm 40cm and 48cm sizes.

40cm seems pretty perfect to me. 48cm is a bit too big and would also raise the price of one crepe to a level were it might not be attractive anymore to customers.

My secnd question would be if you guys could recommend a good recipe for the crepe dough itself.

My current recipe is:

250ml Water

200ml Milk

50g    Butter

2        Eggs

250g  Wheat Flour

Teaspoon Salt+Sugar

First i pour the eggs, melted butter and milk together, electricaly stir it, then add the wheat flour and water while keep stiring it. After that i let it rest for like 30 minutes. Its pretty good i guess, but i think there is still room for improvement ! I just dont know how i could do it. Any suggestions ?

Anyways glad to be in this forum !

Regards Ferdinand

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