Question on thick cut Pork Chops

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    Bone in 1 1/4 inch thick Lean Pork Chops. I usually just pan sear and then roast my pork chops, always comes out juicy and flavorful. About 300F for 10-15 minutes. Recently, I have been seeing alot of recipes where the pork is seared/fried, then placed on a baking pan, wrapped with FOIL, then finished off in the preheated oven @ 350F for an hour. Well, I got curious and tried this with about 5 chops using this method. The pork chops turned out terrible. A tad on the dry side and flavorless. All of the juices were just steamed out of the pork and the pan was filled with liquid. What could have gone wrong?
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    They're over cooked. Too high of a temp for too long. As you've described it, it's a recipe for disaster. Your normal technique is quite traditional.

    What you may be looking at is a technique where the exterior is seared intensely and then finished slowly to coast to a medium rare (in pork, more of a 140-145 temp). Works better in the reverse order where the chops are cooked very slowly in a 250 oven until they hit about130, then seared off on both sides and served. This creates a chop with a seared exterior, very little gray and a lot of juicy pink meat. This is usually known as a reverse sear.

    In steak, this is usually cooked to about 120, then seared off.
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    Remember too that many recipes still cling to the old way of thinking that pork MUST be cooked well done.