Question on shoes.

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This may sound strange but I am a very picky shoe person, simply put they need to be comfortable. I will be attending Arizona Culinary Institute in a couple days and they say I need good leather shoes with a rubber sole. I was wondering if anyone has some good recommendations on a certain brand that they really like or are very comfortable, thanks!
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I like Dansko shoes myself. They are a bit pricey, but they have anti skid rubber soles, and I have never slipped while wearing them.
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I'm not too happy with my Danskos at the moment.  While the footbed is in amazing shape  after a year the leather upper is not and it's peeling in places so the time has come to replace my clogs.  I'll likely go with Danskos again but I am going to choose a different type and hopefully they'll hold up better.  I also bought the men's clogs and they're made differently than the womens for some reason so I am hoping for a better outcome when I get the womens clogs. 
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There are a ton of shoe threads bouncing around ChefTalk, and mostly they all say the same thing... it is what best works for you. I will tell you that I put a shoe program in place for my students about 4 years ago using Shoes For Crews. I couldn't be more pleased! The cost is more than reasonable and the quality is solid. (No, I do not work on commission for them).

They have a wide variety of styles and hold up fairly well; I usually buy 2 pairs at the start of each school year and they are more than in acceptable shape by the end. A typical pair will set you back about $30+/-. The slip resistant soles are second to none! Seriously! The ultimate test? The students like them... which says a lot, coming from teenagers!
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