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    I'm a home cook. I'd say I do have an ounce of talent (e.g. noticed little kids walking up to my home on many occasions when I cook or afterwards. Or before. I hear them. Then see/hear the odd parent quickly gather their child so they are not noticed. I'm guessing because they like my cooking aromas.

    But, at the same time, I've also noticed and experienced what envious neighbours might do. 

    My question is to you all...being professional chefs (or had been)...did you encounter problems with some jealous neighbours when you were in-training and working on your craft at home? Do a lot of you end up buying homes in the countryside with an acre or two? I noticed a few celebrity Canadian chefs have done just that. Same with some American celeb chefs. 

    I live in a condo right now. There is cooking aromas from other units. As I expected. I have no problem with that and actually welcome good cooking aromas. But I am sensing some negativity again...I'm guessing due to my "respectable home cooking". Some deal with it well others not so much. I have one neighbour with their bedroom directly over mine. Recently they've made themselves known between 4-5 am. Sunday morning. They haven't been excessively loud but loud enough to be heard still. As their floor my ceiling is not sound proof. If we talk at any dB more than "typical volume" we can almost make out the words said. :) Perhaps they were out and happen to come home from clubbing at that same time frame...who knows. Before these two "wake up calls" they were always quiet in the morning hours. 

    Love to hear from you all. 
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    Probably just a coincidence. The only competitiveness or "jealousy" I've seen about cooking is between cooks, who either work at competing restaurants or are trying to work their way up at the same restaurant. There's no sense to me in someone being jeolous of the smells that come out of someone else's house. If anything, neighbors have always been more friendly when they know I can cook or if they smell something they like.
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    I think the Canadian and American celeb chefs are buying homes in the countryside because they can, and also want to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. I have my doubts it has anything to do with jealousy from the neighbors.

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