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Does anybody know what the cell measurements are in Excel? If you put the arrow on the line dividing two lines, a box opens that says 12.75 17 pixels. what is the 12.75 measurement? Millimeters? I have to print out a template for a calligraphy project and I thought this would be an easy way to get the line spacing I need. I can't find any command to change measurements anywhere.
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An Excel cell height is between zero and 409 points. The best thing to do is define your margins and your view, then print out a row of cells, then measure them.

They use points, not mm to adjust for different views, margins etc.
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By my calculation a vertcal pixel is 1/100", ergo 17 pixels = 0.17". Or close enough to be going on with. (The horizontal pixel appears to be very slightly larger by 9.375%.)

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That's the info I was looking for. Thanks. Now I have to drag out the dial caliper, measure the pen nib, and set the lines 5 nib widths apart. Every book I've got on calligraphy shows how to do this with just making little lines with the pen, but it's so much easier to complicate things.

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