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    Currently I am a server at a rest. that has been around since the 50's.  Alot of patrons and busy most of the time.  I've read that just working in this environment is good experience if you are looking to open your own place which I am.....a cafe but choosing to start with a food trailer.

    I am Italian/Sicilian and have been cooking my family recipes for years and I love it.  My family and friends love it as well and i love cooking for people.  I'm not sure how to start though and what kind of finances I need to have for this.  Am I on the right track? or is this a bum idea and just keep it as a friends and family thing??

    Im 30 and starting my life over but with somthing that I love so any advice would be fantastic!
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    There are a few aspects here, location, type of food for location, price point of the meals for the location, are there any similar restaurants near by and if so how will you differ and is there a big enough market for both.  It does take some capital to start a restaurant however I know people who weren't rich, by any means, who have started one, if you have borrowing power/investors you'd have an advantage there.  Or if you are going to be doing the cooking you may be able to pick up a partner to run the business side.  Also you will need to expect a loss at the beginning while getting started, building a regular customer base, etc.
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