question : apprenticeship for international student

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Hello everyone,

I am Vietnamese student and studying English in US. I willing to go further in culinary industry. After 1 month researched, I knew that American Culinary Federation (ACF) has apprenticeship that I want to apply to.

Is it possible for international student to apply to apprenticeship and which visa do I need ? (right now I hold F1 visa)

I sent this question to coordinator of ACF Washington, but didn't get any reply.

Is there anyone or international chef who know about this?

Thank you for your comment.

Thuy Pham
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Hello Thuy,

I will move this to the Culinary Schools/Students' forum; it will attract more replies there. If you wish, return to the Welcome Frourm to introduce yourself. We look forward to your participation in our community,

Best regards and good luck!

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