Question about yeast...

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"A book entitled Ultimate Bread by Treuille and Ferrigno says that instant yeast is NOT used when making a sponge. Dry active yeast, the kind that's proofed, is what is used. Why can't instant yeast be used in making a sponge?" Terry
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im probably out of line, but most, if none, of the recipes i use utilise yeast for a sponge cake.

Consider using a sabayon as a base, the actual process is actually quicker than using yeast - prove etc.

The closest to additives in a sponge recipe that i have used would be gel stabilisers and glycerine. And it tasted like **** .
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Nick, sponge as in fermented starter for bread, not sponge cake.
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This is a guess, but I would say that instant yeast probably produces CO2 very quickly, hence its name, and then after a short time flattens, whereas active dry or compressed yeast continue to consume the sugars in the flour, and therefore continue giving off CO2, fermenting the sponge over a longer period of time.
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