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I'm new so I hope I'm putting this in the right place.

My recipe calls for either cider vinegar or malt vinegar.  I don't have time to run all the way to town to the store.  I have red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, regular white vinegar and rice wine vinegar.

Which one would be a suitable replacement for the cider or malt vinegar?

Thanks so much for your help

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I'd probably use 2/3 white vinegar (for its sharpness) and 1/3 red wine vinegar (for its little bit of fruitiness.)
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My palate for some reason doesn't discern the difference between malt, cider and rice vinegar. I'm usually successful using them interchangeably in most recipes, but that might just be me. The only thing I notice is malt has a stronger flavor, so I use less of it. More seasoned chefs will definitely disagree with me.
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Going to thread-jack hardcore right now, but I have this place 

Near me, and they have tons of vinegar choices!

How do you know what vinegar to use on what?  So many kinds... How does one even make "vinegar" if you can get it from all sorts of fruits and plants?
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The flavors of the called-for cider vinegar and malt vinegar are sufficiently different that I suspect either the amount of vinegar is such that you wouldn't notice the choice of vinegars or that a range of flavor profiles is acceptable in the recipe. Cider vinegar is the easiest to match with what you've got, so I'd suggest you try white wine vinegar which will have from fruitiness without other intrusive flavors.    

Incidentally, if you run into a recipe that calls for rice (or rice wine) vinegar that you don't have, you can substitute an equal amount of three parts white (distilled) vinegar to one part water. Rice vinegar is not as acidic as most other vinegars which thus need to be diluted in substitution.   

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