Question about poaching beef tenderloin in olive oil.

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First of all has anyone heard of this, prepared it, or eaten it?  Secondly, if preparing a large amount which requires pans on different rack within a standard household oven. Other than rotating the pans what can be done to ensure the most even cooking? 
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sounds like confi, cooking in own fat except you want to use beef and oil, usually you wouldnt do tender meats such as tenderloin. in my opinion if you trim it right and make sure it even on both sides the tail will cook faster than the head of the tenderloin, just time it and cook each side for a certain time and do all the sides the same. im sure someone will chime in with a better option.
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Yeah, this is a friend's deal.  I have never really even heard of this dish.  He agreed to cook it for a large group of about 80 and asked me to help him.  It pretty much sounds like a disaster waiting to happen but I said I would help, so just trying to get some helpful input.  Thanks for yours.


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Poaching tender meat in fat is a trendy thing right now. I've done lobster and other shellfish in butter. The beef could be done this way as well. It will stay very pink throughout if done right. In many ways its similar to a reverse sear where the meat is heated gently (in an oven) to near doneness, then quickly seared on as hot a pan as you have.

Here's a pic of a poached tenderloin
Googling around it looks like it's done most often in a sous vide technique which you probably aren't set up for.
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