Question about mole

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Do any of you guys have any experience using this stuff?
I have recently come into possession of some of this stuff and would love to get someone's take on it and if possible a couple of uses and some idea of some of the uses.

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Which mole are you referring to? There are many different variations. I would assume you mean mole poblano. Typically, when an American says mole, that's what they mean. Much like pesto genovese is what American's usually think of as "pesto".

Mole is used as a sauce on literally hundreds of dishes. In addition, I have used different forms of mole as a marinade, added it to chili, and as the base of different Mexican style soups.
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Yes, many different kinds.

Where I'm from we use it with chicken or enchiladas most often but it can be used many many ways.

Recently tried the mole "verde" on some chicken enchiladas and wow they were awesome. I thinned it out with some chicken broth or stock what ever you happen to call it.  Enchiladas verdes dont use that mole but it was an idea and it worked.
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