Question about layer of fat from homemade stock

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Hi all.

So, I have been making my own stock from beef bones, and after chilling/freezing it, I have a layer of fat on the top of each jar. I know this is normal, but what I am wondering is how much fat is left in the actual stock? I am figuring that layer can't be all the fat; that there still has to be some left in the rest of the stock. Anyone know approx. what the percentage might usually be?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't believe the soluability of fat in water is very high, and that is the chemical property we're considering here.  So practically nil would be my guess, unless you've added something like rue which I believe would effective raise the soluability some by attracting fat molecules to the starchy nodules.

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Very little to none unless you boiled it at some point ant the fat emulsified in the stock.

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