Question about Hollandaise sauce

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I have seen recipes that call for either white wine vinegar, white vinegar or tarragon vinegar ..... how much of a difference would one vinegar make over the other?
I'm really curious as to how the tarragon vinegar would make the sauce taste.

Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds more like you're making Bearnaise sauce than Hollandaise.
You can substitute a different acid for the tarragon and it will emulsify, and make sauce. But it won't be Bernaise. Just as substituting a different wine , it will no longer be Chicken Marsala. These ingredients have their own distinct flavors.
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If I'm making a hollandaise then white wine vinegar and lemon I'll use for my acid.

If I'm making a bernaise then I make my own tarragon white wine reduction and use lemon for my acid. tarragon is a must for that classic bernaise flavor.

hollandaise is a mothersauce (like a jumping off point) that you can infuse flavors to compliment your dish. Adding sugar and vanilla will sweeten hollandaise to the point where its like a custard and makes an excellent topping on a trifle. Get creative!


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I would stay away from white vinegar (I assume they are referring to distilled white vinegar). It brings a harshness to many foods that is unpleasant. Other than that you can try a number of different acids in your hollandaise.

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