Question about Hazan's "Tomato Sauce with Olive Oil and Chopped Vegetables" recipe

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I just made this recipe from Marcella Hazan's "Essentials of Italian Cooking" (pg. 153) and it was amazing. However, I realized something odd: when the sauce was done, there were still largely chopped bits of celery and carrot in the sauce. I didn't really know if those should stay IN the sauce (although they were tender, it would be odd to have them in there, wouldn't it?) or if I should strain them out. I tried straining them out and it didn't turn out so well
What I ended up with was a decent amount of sauce and a bunch of saucy pieces of veggies left over (see pic), no doubt with wasted sauce still clinging to the veggies.


Do people eat this kind of sauce with finely diced/minced veggies still in it? Or do they just put a few large pieces of carrots and celery in the sauce and then remove after cooking? And if they do the latter, how would I know how much a piece of carrot or celery equals "2/3 cup chopped" of each? Should I just chop the celery/carrots into the same size as I did this time, put them in the 2/3 measuring cup, weigh the 2/3 cup, and then use a piece of carrot and celery that weighs the same as the chopped 2/3 cup and then dump the large pieces in the sauce and then remove them at the end? See recipe ingredients below.


-2 pounds fresh tomatoes

-2/3 cup chopped carrot

-2/3 cup chopped celery

-2/3 cup chopped onion


-1/3 cup EVOO
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That's a good sauce. I leave the veg in it. But I also chop the veg in a food processor very fine.
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I like your approach of finely mincing in food processor. Since I make this with fresh tomatoes using a food mill, the tomato base is soupy and mostly smooth, and I don't want chunks of veggie to make the texture weird. Processing them fine would still give the "essence"/flavor of the veggies without changing the texture that much. Thanks!
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I use food processor or stick blender for convenience now, but back in the day, we would press it through a colander with a pot. Took forever but kept a great texture
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Why do you even care? Taste is the key. If it tastes good ... go with it. Unless you tell them it's from a recipe ... NOBODY is gonna know. Be You.
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