question about food processor and dryer

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im looking to invest in a good food processor where i can make smoth puree (think thermomix) but about 500$  any good brand that can work hard and make puree smoth? if it has a warmer its a huge + (to make oil) but not most important thing

im also looking for a dryer where i will be able to dry more or less everything from apple, shrooms to cookies. also able to spend about 500$ on it. want something that i can have on for 24 hours and still be able to sleep xD  also pretty cheap on the electronic bil 

those are for working at home with so no professional use.

i live in sweden shipping is imprtant :D

thanks !
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for your purees you need a vitamix kitchen blender (variable speed)

the "dryer" you are talking about is referred to as a dehydrator
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A christmas or two ago I bought my daughter the Cuisinart food processor. I only paid 189 for it and it's still in great condition after it being used and abused. I recommend it to all my friends!
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