question about flours

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If I want to avoid wheat in a recipe, I'd need to avoid regular flour.
What other flours are there besides Rye?
And can I just substitute or do I need to do something else to balance the change out?
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Some people who must avoid wheat flours can still snjoy Spelt Flour. It is an ancient bread of wheat flour that reacts to our bodies different than modern flours. I'd look into that perhaps. Otherwise check out a book called glutten free cooking, it gives a few great mixes for flour replacement.
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I think it all depends on the recipe. Are you talking about bread, cookies, cakes?
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I agree with Kyle. There are plenty of other flours you can use which are readily available at the grocery store, ethnic grocery stores, and health food stores but it depends on what you're wanting to make.

For a good list of non-wheat flours, click here.

To browse some general information, click here.

Let us know what you're specifically wanting to make and we'll be better able to provide suggestions.

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