Question about english muffin rings

Joined Apr 30, 2010
I have found these rings online fairly cheap but I kept noticing something ... people kept mentioning using tuna cans, I guess this is my question ... how would you go about cutting off the bottom of the can and is it really worth the aggravation of doing it when the real deal is fairly cheap to begin with?
Joined Feb 1, 2007
First off, I agree. As inexpensive as the rings are, why bother?

More to the point, as often happens, things change but the myths linger. Used to be you could open a can (when they were made of steel) from either end. That's generally no longer true. The bottoms, now, are rounded, with no lip for the opener to grab.

Were it me, I'd just buy a set of rings (they usually come four up) and be done.
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