Question about chicken wings

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Hello.I work in a kitchen that sells about 12 cases of chicken wings a week..The km par cooks them and keeps them in the walkin.How many days should they stay before fully cooking them..thanks
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[h2]hope this helps....[/h2][h2]Par-Cooking Chicken[/h2]
When you par-cook your chicken ahead of time, you're essentially creating an incubator for foodborne pathogens. Although the outer areas of the bird cook fully and become temporarily food-safe, the inner regions only become warm enough to put them squarely into the danger zone. They'll eventually cool when you put the chicken back into the fridge, but in the interim any pathogens reproduce merrily for hours. Cooking reduces the number of viable pathogens but seldom kills them all, so a chicken with a large initial population of bacteria can make you sick even if it's thoroughly cooked. The risk is even higher if it's undercooked slightly.
[h2]Safe Preparation[/h2]
The only time it's safe to par-cook your chicken is when it will finish cooking immediately. For example, it's often difficult to completely cook raw chicken pieces on the grill or broiler without charring the surface. If you par-cook the chicken pieces in hot water, then immediately transfer them to the grill, the preheated chicken will quickly finish cooking to a foodsafe temperature of 165 F. Whole birds must be fully cooked to 165 F, from start to finish. Once your bird is cooked, you can hold it safely at a temperature of higher than 140 F for an hour or two, or refrigerate it and later reheat it to 165 F.


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As long as you par cook them to an internal temp of 165°F you should be fine, but I wouldn't keep par cooked chicken around longer than 3 days.
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We cook them in big fryers then cool them and put in walkin.but there r times we have several tubs with wings..I knew it was 3-4 days..he is cooking toooo many i think as it just sits in the walkin
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I par cook my wings to 165, but they get used rather quickly, 1 overnight in the walk in and that isent very often
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