Question about charging for private chef services for 5 week vacation.

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So I'm a classically trained chef, worked as a sous chef for a couple high-end catering companies, have worked for a couple other catering companies, done some dinner parties, popups and light private chef work. I have a question about a family (four people) that wants to hire me for 5 weeks while they're on vacation (they're traveling to where I live). I always struggle with how much to charge with being fare to them, but also myself. They want 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner) for 7 days a week for 5 weeks at there vacation home. He said I could just come 2-3 days a week, prep and freeze to be reheated. Fairly healthy food and somewhat local. If you have any advise for me on what/how I should charge (daily/weekly/whole time rate) I'd very appreciate it!! Thanks very much.
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They have a vacation home and want you to cook morning til night, seven days per week for 5 weeks. They clearly don't need to pinch pennies so you're m8re worried about the cost than they are. I assume you also have to shop for the food. If it were me i'd charge at least 1500 per week, plus the cost of the food for a 5 day work week. Weekends would be 1.5x.
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To be honest I don't get out of bed for less than a hundred euros an hour. For private really rich people, 250 € an hour. Sound like they can afford it.

Your pricing should be like any other company, what the market will bear, NEVER SELL YOUR SELF SHORT.
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@CapeCodChef   Yeah you're very right, he does work in the oil field, so if thats an indicator! Don't think it would be everyday morning to night, 3 days of cooking for 7 days and they reheat. So I'd only have to stay as long as it takes to cook the meals for that day and a couple other days. Thanks for the info though. @Lagom  Good point, I absolutely don't wanna sell myself short especially when I know I can do it right. It just becomes a tricky thing coming from working in the kitchen where you bust your ass and don't make much (and typically even serving better food/more high-end stuff). But I guess this is another great reason to get more involved with Private Chef work, more flexibility and pay. Thanks for you input, I truly appreciate it!!
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Trust your instincts. You don't say where you are in relationship to where they are.

Is there travel involved?

Time and gas.

2 meals a day times 7 days times 5 weeks=70 meals.

2 adults and 2 kids?  Menus for the kids can be tricky.

You don't have to be there for all of those days so you can prep ahead and freeze some things.

Breakfast, however; to me, is a meal I believe you should be there for.

What would you possible prep ahead and freeze for breakfast?


Charge for your time, gas, travel. Add on the cost of the food and figure in a percentage for yourself. 
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@Chefross   Yeah I do live about 35-40min away from the location, so there is some travel. It's a husband, wife and two teenage girls. It's definitely not ideal to prep some breakfasts food to be reheated, but thats what they want. Some maybe some quiches, parfaits, waffles, baked goods, things that won't be too detrimental. But thank you very much for the advise and I totally agree, thank you for your time too! Cheers
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4 breakfasts x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 breakfasts @ $7 ea. = $980

4 dinners x 7 days x 5 weeks = 140 dinners @ $15 ea. = $2100

ttl $ = $3080 ... as of right now $1 = 0.901€ (2774€)

Play with it from there.
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