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Has anyone cooked or tried Kobe Beef. I have heard some interesting things about it and have a few dishes in mind I would like to try with it.
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I don't think we can afford that specific kind of beef. Isn't is supposed to cost like $300 a steak? Kobe Beef from Japan right? But if someone has, Id like to know if it is as tender as they profess it to be.

If you wanna try American Kobe Beef you can buy it here: Be A
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I never tried it personally but I know people who have tried Kobe Beef....the texture of the kobe beef, according to my boyfriend, is very fatty. He said he still likes American beef better. So who knows. :rolleyes: My aunt mentioned that they feed the kobe cows sake(japanese wine) and give them massages before the slaughter house :p What a way for the cows to die huh? :eek:

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