Quest for a super lamb curry

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Hi folks,joined  'the clan' yesterday,great to be among you all .

Enjoy all areas of cooking, but must admit to spending most of my time 'creating ' Indian & Chinese cuisine,just for friends and family.

But, whereas I have found great recipes for most of the meats, I have yet to fine a really super 'melt in the mouth ' lamb dish.

So could anyone out there help me with this ?.

Does not matter how involved the recipe is ,it will still be worthwhile.

Have lots of questions with regard to Chinese cuisine and the 'mysteries ' therein,  but later date ! 

Thanks folks.

Mr Masala        UK
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Welcome @Mr Masala,

I quite like Madhur Jaffrey's indian recipes. Most of them are fairly easy to make and very tasty.

I got a couple of her books, but just googled her name and lamb curry and had a couple of nice recipes coming up.

Let us know if you like them
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Thank you for the info,will certainly look into that 

Will be away for a couple of weeks, but will let you know of my success on my return . 

Thank you again

Mr M


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Welcome!  Here are a few resources from the community you might like.
[article="29095"]Indian Inspired Vegetable Curry  [/article][article="29120"]Indian Cuisine A Couple Of Basic Recipes And Saag Paneer Spinach With Homemade Cheese  [/article][article="29039"]Samosas With Tamarind Chutney  [/article]
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