Quality of Life

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Reaching an age now where quality of future life is thought about daily and with the Chef experience i have ascertained over the years would like to work in a private household with masses of land or adjacent to a national park where long walks and a bit of fishing could only be described as utopia (an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal) growing veg and fragrant aromatic herbs using local provisioners, victuallers and purveyors of quality produce to create exemplary cuisine to discerning self like people.
Just thought as a newbie would let my thoughts be known ...are there such places or do i just keep on dreaming or do you know of any.
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Hello Robbo-One! Welcome to Chef Talk. Your dream for your future sounds idyllic indeed. What is your current work setting? I gather it's a restaurant with tickets overflowing during service.

I urge you to read in the Professionals' forums, do some searching on this board (we have a good search tool) and pose your questions in the most useful forum. Have a look around the board and get a sense of the community. I think you'll find interesting people with whom to discuss your dream.

Good luck!

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