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I am hosting xmas pot lunch for friends next week..tired of turkey and ham.. planning to do fried quail (asian style)..any other ways of marinating quail or cooking quail? any easy dishes ideas for potluck. I will also be making a chocolate cake but as host, wanted to be sure there was a main dish covered.
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Break the birds down first. Legs, breasts, wings, thighs, and all off of the carcass. Get your hands on some duck fat. Confit the breasts. Bread the thighs with cayenne and Corn flour and fry them in the fat also. Braise the legs and wings in white wine and sweet onions.

Boom goes the dynamite, you've got Quail 3 ways and look like a hero.
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I have spitroasted quail stuffed with lamb at the local Russian place. It rules!


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