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How much is it worth to get some flavor of "Manager" behind your name?

I have an interview at 5 Guys for an assistant Manager position. If offered the position, will it hurt my ability to later move into fine dining?

I am currently a line cook at a mid-range american restaurant. My ultimate goal is to be a chef in fine dining.

Would it be better to go into fine dining, then manage; or manage, then fine dining.

I look forward to your replies.
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This is a great question, with a lot of variables. It looks good on any resume that, the places you worked, you held positions with more responsibility. BUT, that you sought out a job in a qsr might not look impressive. I would say, if you want to go fine dining, why aren't you? You reap what you sow!
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You'd be taking a step back if you went into QSR management at this point, better to let your current boss know you have ambitions to manage at the mid-range place, and try to take a part time position with a fine dining restaurant at a time your schedule permits. This way you are developing mgmt skills at your current level of cooking. In your career you should only try to move forward, don't go lateral or backwards ... of your own accord. 
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