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    - Fitting the kitchen with the best(used) Tilting Skillet -

    Hi All,
    Thank you all in advance, for any reasonable input-

    For the sake of full disclosure, I'm not a chef(engineer/winery owner) and have had no formal cooking training,but would be grateful for input from the pros.  I have cooked all my life both at home and while in school... for hotels, catering companies, bakeries, wineries, BBQ companies and meat markets/delis.

    My wife and I are building a small winery in NorCal and would like to fit the kitchen w/ a 30gal (gas) Tilting Skillet for Braises, meat sauces, possibly soups, breakfast griddle food, and grilled sandwiches and the like.

    My experience with pro equipment is limited to ranges, convection ovens, combis, steamers, etc. but no Tilting Skillets, regrettably.

    Has anyone worked on different makes of skillets enough to have a preference of one brand over another?  I have heard that Vulcan and South Bend are good.  So far we are considering Vulcan, South Bend, Cleveland & Market Forge.

    a) If one TS brand, tops at 80,000btu and another has 91k or 100k would you rule out the 80k mfg based on output?   While cooking can you observe much of a difference if one pan has 10k more BTU then another?

    b)    Has anyone tried different makes and seen a performance difference between them?

    c)    Are there any differences in features or ergonomics which would make you choose one skillet over another?

    Most brands are on the table w/ the exception of LoLo since we would like the legs at least 50% covered with skirts and a little more refined look.  The TS would be visible to guests.  Used, I've seen multiple brands in "like new" shape, so it seems to come down to performance, reliability and features.

    Thank you, for reading this post and for the input+