Putting a cream based filling inside of a cookie

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I have this idea of a pina colada cookie with a coconut sugar cookie exterior and a creamy pineapple or pina colada flavoured filling that I can put rum extract in as well. I was first thinking of a pineapple cream filling that you typically put on cakes but don't know if that would survive the heat of the oven when baking the cookie. A pastry cream wouldn't either. Anyone have any ideas of how I can make this happen?
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A sandwich type of cookie is a better option than trying to bake a filling in a cookie. Two coconut sugar cookies with a pineapple rum cream (use one of the white chocolate ganache filling recipes from Herme for his macaron)
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Coconut macaron halves, pineapple filling with rum flavoring.
You'll have to work out the difference using coconut flour instead of almond,
it can be done, I made macarons with panko breadcrumbs once....needed extra whites.

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