purple wax beans

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I need some help. I just got some purple green beans and I know there is a way to cook them and keep them purple. I have tried the steamer and in a pot with vinegar in the water but to no avail they don't stay purple. Any thought would be very helpful

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I go to jwu ri and we learned that you are only supposed to shock green vegetables after blanching them but I think maybe you could try that. Can't hurt. Blanch them for a couple minutes and then shock them in ice water. Maybe then they will hold their color.
How fast do they lose their color and what color do they turn into?
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Thanks but that doesn't work either, We have steamed them and then shocked them and put them in water with vinegar and then shocked them but they still turn a nasty green
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Hi awilcox,

The vinegar (or any acid) is a no no when blanching green veggies. That in it's self will turn your veggies.

Purple green beans (oxymoron) like purple couliflower will bleed when cooked.

The best way to keep a bit of color on your beans is to butter baste them from raw state.They still will not be as deep purple as when raw,but they do stay preey well.

Best is to use them in a raw preparation.
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listen to cape chef.
they won't stay purple if a heat source is applied to them. use them raw if color is important. or replate if texture is involved.
What are you trying to do?
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The above advice is correct regarding the purple beans changing color when cooked.

There are very few purple beans which stay purple when cooked. One variety is an extremely rare Asian purple long bean.


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CC is on the money, there is no need to put acid in the beans when cooking. I have worked with chefs who have put baking soda in the water which is an old trick to keep the beans green. However I all that needs to happen is to cook them properly. Braising them is a great idea or you could lightly steam them.
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