purple sweet potatoes

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bought some purple sweet potatoes to cook for Mother's Day meal.  I am looking for ideas on how to cook them other than peel, dice, and steam.  would they do ok cooked, mashed, mixed with eggs and cream and re-baked as a custard?

 Rest of the menu is shrimp cocktail, top sirloin steak, braised bok choy, baked white potatoes.

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You can use them as you would any potatoes. I find that roasting them retains their purple color best. Why are you serving 2 potato dishes though? You're already making baked potatoes.
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to me, sweet potatoes are more a veg and less a starch.  the small portion of sweet potatoes will be sweet savory opposite the slightly bitter savory of the bok choy.  
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Mothers day is over, but i feel compelled to say this much....
I have some experience with these in the pro banquet room,
do be careful with them, the last half case I bought, they looked
and peeled fine but tasted awful..some kind of rot or disease or sommat.
Had to dump em. I didnt find them popular with guests either, so now
stick to white yams and prefer purple potatoes--much less finicky.
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well, I baked them, mashed with butter, olive oil, honey, and 1/2 & 1/2.  came out ok, tested like orange sweet potatoes.  guests liked them.  

final menu:

chilled steamed shrimp

thick cut sirloin for the moms, hamburgers for the rest of us

home fries cooked in meat drippings

steamed zucchini

purple sweet potatoes

nobody had room for strawberry shortcake

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