Purple Asparagus ?

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Noticed and bought some purple asparagus at my local Whole Foods. I've never seen this before and am wondering what you pros out there (and better amateurs) think of and do with this.

As it was my first time using it I simply steamed it to see if I got any different flavors. All I can say is that the flavor seemed slightly less assertive and the stalks were not quite as rigid which causes me to wonder if it was as fresh as it could have been.

Any and all thoughts, of course, appreciated.
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Never heard of or seen purple asparagus, but the other day I was in the grocery store and I saw purple bell peppers, don't know if that's new to the market, but I've never seen those before either.
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You were here too early in the season. The purple peppers are all over the markets these days. You have to come back CoolJ ;)
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Do purple asparagus stay purple when you cook them, or do they turn green the way purple broccoli does?

I find that the fancy-color bell peppers (purple, pale yellow, even the orange ones) have a much milder flavor. I like to use them for looks, raw, when doing raw vegs platters.
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They do "bleed" there color when cooked,but the tip stays a nice purple because it is so compacted.
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What about white asparagus? I recently saw some on Iron Chef :blush: Has anyone cooked with white asparagus before?

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Jodi, we used to use white spargel(aspargus) when we lived in Germany all the time. I find the flavor to be more delicate than the normal green. To grow white asparagus the farmer hills dirt over the asparagus so it is kept out of the light. When the tips of the stalk break through the top of the dirt, they harvest.

I find it a little pricey for everyday eating here............
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I have used white asparagus many times,and yes like Jill said it is about 1/3 more a # than green grass (cost)

Theres one that is so thin you get about 125/150 per # but killer expensive.

Jumbo white grass has a beautiful nutty,earthy flavor and makes a lovely bisque with shaved black truffles or a poached quails egg and caviar, Or simply with chive sticks.

Although asparagus is "over used" IMHO it is still one of the king of vegetables when prepared correctly.
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