Purple Asparagus and "Kogane" topping

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    So for Easter I made a side dish consisting of purple asparagus halved and grilled and topped with bacon "kogane" topping.  It was delicious and I'll explain the topping below but I've got a question for those who know their way around purple asparagus.

    The stuff turns green when cooked!  I tried grilling it, steaming it, and blanching/shocking it first.  Is there a way to keep it purple (besides serving it raw) and if not then what is the point?

    Ok, now Kogane topping.  A month or so ago I was having trouble making mayo.  Thanks again to Chris Belgium for pointing out the error of my ways.  Anyways the mayo wasn't because I wanted mayo--I was interested in making what the japanese hibachi joint nearest me calls "kogane" sauce.  The sauce isn't so much a sauce as a thick yellow emulsion of eggs, oil, and lemon juice that is spooned onto butterflied shrimp, squirted with brandy, and covered.  The sauce then steams and cooks through to yield a beautiful custard-like topping.

    Mayo itself isn't as eggy tasting as I wanted, adding extra yolk led to something too runny. Here's approximately the recipe I settled on:

    1 egg

    pinch of salt

    dash of tabasco

    juice of 1/2 small lemon

    1/2 c of oil, for Easter I used bacon fat

    1 T of powdered whole eggs

    squirt of dry sherry for steaming

    Blend up everything but the sherry in the style of mayo, Top on asparagus while in a hot skillet, squirt with brandy and cover for 2 minutes.  Transfer to a plate with a spatula to serve.  I've also used this as a steak topping with tarragon reduction instead of lemon juice.