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sup homies, need some ideas for some purees i can make for bases to some dishes. i neeed to be able to get them super smooth and beautiful :) also somthing a bit different, not your average cauli puree :)
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Celery root, carrot ginger, eggplant, melon, black or white beans, parsnip or rutabaga, pea, really anything... As long as you pass it through a chinois it'll be ultra smooth.
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I like avocado puree, because it doesn't tend to overpower the protein component of a dish. Potato leek puree is a little more flavorful, but a bit more versatile.
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Save some money to buy a Thermomix. This quite expensive device makes the silkiest purees ever from almost anything, including meat and fish. If needed, it will also heat its content to the most precise temperatures in one go.

More and more amateur cooks buy a Thermomix here in Europe. You'll find at least one of those machines in any good restaurant nowadays.
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