Pupusa Recipe?

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anyone haz?

Just discovered this place at the local market Tres Pupusa, in Boulder, CO.  They had a stand making papusas and wow....chorizo egg and cheese pupusa, I think I can eat one of those every day. I'd love to be able to make a big batch and put them in the fridge at work for the week.

Any favorite recipes?
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There's an older thread with a badly written recipe I picked up along the way that will get you started.  I'd paste the link butmy tablet isn't happy with the forum software. a search ahould pull it up.

I had a cheese pupusa tonight at thr cultural food fair.

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Making pupusas is easy, except that it isn't.  I went through a pupusa phase a while ago, & while they were fine, no one would mistake my pupusas for pupusas made by a Salvadoran.  It is an acquired skill, & one probably best acquired in childhood.
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If my memory serves me correctly these are like thick corn tortillas. I believ they are stuffed with meat, beans, cheece rice etc. They are formed with a pair of oily hands or one can use a tortilla press. Native staple of San Salvadore

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