Pumpkin Marble Cake

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Hello...Happy New Year...I hope holidays were enjoyable for everyone...All the delicious foods to prepare and share with family is what makes the holidays so worth looking forward to...And with the last of the holidays wrapping up we still seek new creations to share for later year and that is what I did...I like making checkered cakes ..I prepare each cake type individually so dont have to worry about trying to scoop so much from one section to another to make sure filled in properly and made from scratch I prefer this method because when in cases there is extras the batter last longer than store bought cake mix when preparedhad some yellow cake batter and some chocolate cake batter left .any new creations I do like to make small batches because dont like to waste anything...so use a small round dish greased and floured like any ordinary cake pan prep..stirred both batters...pour the yellow cake batter first then spread some pumpkin butter on topce  of the yellow batter...spread evenly did not swirl...then pour chocolate cake batter on top spread chocolate batter evenly across top...then put inside preheated 350 degree oven baked for 30 minutes...combination not bad to me its good for morning breakfast with coffee or tea...I tried it for dessert after dinner didnt feel relaxed with it...tried for breakfast and was a happy camper...I encourage to try it...cake mix its your preference whether box or homemade


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Oh, boy. Does that look good!!! I have a soft spot for marble and cheesecakes. I used to have a checkerboard set of cake pans with dividers. There are some interesting takes like zebra and bullseye cake. Yours looks and sounds deliish!
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I bake a lot of cakes, cupcakes and cheesecakes but haven't tried a marbled cake yet. But after reading your post it doesn't seem to be difficult at all. I will definitely try it.  
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Looks really tasty!

I always swirl, guess the chocolate batter was thicker and that's how you got a swirled cake after all :)
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