pumpkin cheesecake

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i want to make pumpkin cheesecake (and probably some other pumpkin items) for the season- do i need to cut back on some other ingredient to allow for the pumpkin puree - (we do a fairly dense NY style)to maintain the texture etc? also any great pumpkin or cranberry recipies/links to reccommend?

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Hi breadster, if your cheesecake recipe is thick like you mentioned you can use it with pumpkin. I do a marbled pumpkin cheesescake that's pretty good. When I make the whole cheesecake pumpkin people seem to opt. out for pumpkin pie since it's rather similar in flavor (and less calories then they don't feel quilty putting whip cream on top.

For a marbled cheesecake, pull out about 1 1/2 c. batter add some canned pumpkin puree and traditional seasons as you like. Then dollop over plain cheese cake and lightly swirl.

You can also bake them into bars. If you have any ginger flavored biscotti they'd make a nice crust....

Do you ever sell fruit breads, both flavors you mentioned sell well.
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thanks kimmie-i cant waitto checkoutthe sites- psiLOVE Montreal!

Wendy-cometothink ofit -ourmarblecheesecake sellsmuchbetterthanour all chocolate-peopleopt for our otherchocolate tortes- iwillconsidera marble version ratherthan an all pumpkin--

forgive me-im having troublewith my spacebar sticking
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I hope you find some inspiration, Breadster.

How come you know Mtl to love it?
Have you been here recently?

Gotta spill your guts now that you've let the cat out the bag... ;)
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Junior's has a pumpkin cheesecake recipe in their book that you might want to check out. Love the Junior's cheesecakes, you know.
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i love the fall
pumpkin added to cheese cake formula,
add pumpkin by half the amount/weight of cream cheese
i add an extra bit of eggs to help the cheese cake set. maybe 10% give or take.
to keep things light, i whip the whites with the sugar and fold into the smooth cheese and flavor mixture.

don't forget the spices, rum or burbon... add and dance off the pumpkin flavor.

ginger bread crust, spiced coconut crust, molasses curst, spice cake or shortbread bottom.
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I make a pecan praline pumpkin cheesecake during the holiday months. Pumpkin creme brulee too, it's really delish.
I completely agree with mbrown about the pumpkin and egg proportions. I have tried recipes where even the pumpkin puree was 100% equal to the cheese, and it was just too heavy. You can also substitute a portion of the sugar for brown sugar. For the crust I use graham crumbs tossed with ground toasted pecans, brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger. For the pecan praline which is used as a topping for the cheesecake I caramelize the pecans with butter and brown sugar, then sprinkle over. I think I got the recipe from a Bon Appetit November issue in '98 or '99.

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