Pumpkim cake - "naming question"

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Here in the States there is a delicious pastry called "pumpkin  bread"

I'm really curious about the name. Because in preparation, taste and looks it's like a cake

(innocent question ahead) Is there any reasoning behind why it's called bread and not cake ?

As I'm saying, I was just curious. Any reply will be appreciated.

Best Regards !
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Good morning. Welcome to the culinary forum. I must agree with you about your thoughts. But & however the answer is this the PUMPKIN BREAD is formally called "SWEET BREAD"

The other bread that we eat with our NY STEAKS & BURGERS is called formally "YEASTED (lean bread ) or just yeasted bread. Anyway I hope this useless info helps you somehow.

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It probably is made using the quick bread Method.  Zucchini, pear, and banana nut bread  are all made using the quick bread method.  This method uses no yeast and no rise time.  They use Baking Soda or Baking Powder as a leavening agent.. 
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Baked in a loaf pan but usually heavier than and made a bit differently than cake.

Cake recipes may use baking soda or powder for leavening but many also often rely on folding in beaten egg whites for a lighter texture. Other cake recipes have you cream together butter and sugar to aerate the butter so that the leavening can create a lighter texture. You further aerate the batter by beating in eggs. Often the recipe will tell you to beat this mixture for several minutes to create a very aerated liquid component that you then add the dry ingredients and leavening to. The aeration creates bubbles which allow the gases your leavening releases to expand and create a lighter texture than you would have with a quickbread. 

Pumpkin bread, zucchini bread, banana bread, nut breads, etc, are known here in the US as quickbreads. The method is very simple. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl, mix wet ingredients in another bowl. Combine. Stir only until all the flour in incorporated. Get it in the oven fast. There isn't a lot of structure to hold in the gases your leavening is creating. (A single acting baking powder is activated when the wet ingredients are added. A double acting baking powder reacts to the wet ingredients, but also reacts to the heat of the oven. Most baking powders sold in the US are double-acting.)

You would also use this method and usually can use any quickbread recipe to make muffins. 

Many cake recipes can be used to make cupcakes, as well.
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Thank you so much for all your answers.

All your replies were really interest to read.

I've learned more than I was expecting to

Best regards for everybody.

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