Pulled short ribs sandwich

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Toppings like cheese, carmelized pickled onion and a sauce, but I have not seen any receipe so far that it realy stands out
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If you are going asian (an assumption on carmelized and pickled onions) you might want to try a rice vinegar, mirin and dried red chile sauce reduction. Like the viinegar sauce used in carolina boston butt recipes.  Otherwise I would use one of the traditional BBQ sauces  on this site (provided by some of the best BBQ people on the web) and cut it with a rich au jus to make a really nice dipping sauce. BOLHTH.
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I would turn it into a banh mi style sandwich.  Use a mix of mayo sriacha/sambal and top it with pickled julienne carrots and daikon radish.  Then top that with fresh cilantro, green onion, and paper thin slices of red jalepeno.
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