Pulled Pork at House Remodel work party

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My son bought his first home, a couple of weeks ago, and we are doing a bit of remodel, so perfect place to serve up some Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

MES = Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse...

Porkbutt from: Winco, Price: 99 cents per pound. Cut seems a bit odd, but hey the price was right.

Injected with: a mix of Apple Juice, my butt rub, Franks Hot Wing Sauce.
Q-sauce, the drippings (not from most of the smoke, only during the foil/pan stage, then cooled and fat removed, mixed with a thin version of my bbq sauce. These are heated and kept warm, meat gets a few tablespoons (sort of like a au jus) when building a sandwich. The dripping you can smell the smoke and taste it, really adds more smoky flavor to the serving.

Smoke all nighter. Preheated MES for 2 hours.
Outdoor ambient: 44º Smoking Temp 225º

Start Time: 5:30pm, put butt in alum pan and foil covered, at 175º, set MES for 200º and went to bed. Pulled Butt out of MES at 7:30 am, re-foiled, wrapped in paper towels and went into small holding ice chest. Served for lunch....

This butt was foiled and wrapped with towels kept in ice chest ready for lunch. I failed to get the meat pulling pics because I left my camera at home. But it was nice and moist, almost all the fat rendered out. I will say that this butt didn't have quite the flavor of most of my previous butts, I had to kick it up with some extra Q sauce. I'm wondering about the Winco cut, I normally get my butts from either the butcher shop or Sam's and those butts usually are loaded with flavor after a smoke. Still tasted great.

I usually don't bother taking pics for stuff that is pretty common, camera was ready so why not. Unfortunately I left my camera home so the pulled meat pics were not taken.

This 9 Lb butt served 12 people using French Style Rolls as the bun, so pretty hefty portions. Yes served with Slaw on top!
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