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I was watching Good Eats last night all about puff pastry and am excited about making some of my own creations. Any one have any favorite ideas for fillings as well as shapes?

Also I’ve never liked buying frozen pastry dough of any kind but what are the best brands available?
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Puff pastry, being so neutral, can be paired with almost any flavor, sweet, or savory. You can cut it into any shape, being sure to use a very sharp cutter. Before baking, let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. You can also roll it, like a palmier, with layers of sugar (or grated cheese), or make batons with the same idea-sweet or savory.

Fillings are really as limited as your imagination.. Just bear in mind that wet fillings will sog out your pastry quickly, so don't fill too far in advance with mousses or heavily sauced fillings.

You can create a barrier with painted on chocolate to preserve the crispness of puff pastry in desserts.

Puff dough is rich and buttery. Try pairing it with something tangy, such as lemon curd and fresh fruit, and a dollop of fresh cream, to balance out the flavors.
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I love playing with puff pastry -- and I do use it all the time at the B&B.

Cut in any shape and use as a stage or platform for your savory of choice - season or spice in a complimentary manner.

Brie & Cranberry Napoleons - Bake off discs, layer with double creme brie and cranberry pear chutney, warm till brie just starts to melt...

A good smoked sausage and stone ground mustard wrapped in puff, cut in 1/3 inch slices and baked is always popular and (also always have a roll in the freezer just in case) -- makes a good app, or side with an egg dish

Sausage Turnovers as a maincourse or make minis as an app. Fill with sauteed sausage, onion and mushroom and cream cheese, check for seasoning, don't make too gooey

Mini beef wellingtons with horseradish cream

Walnut Pear Napoleons - Bake off discs, layer with sliced pear, roquefort and glazed walnuts

Individual brie with preserves (or a full size one depending on service

I fill with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, garnish with caperberries and creme fraiche


1 1/2 squares pressed in to mini muffin tins - fill with a fudgy brownie mixture and bake....

Same procedure fill with sweetened, cream cheese, kahlua and egg mixture for a miniature cheesecake effect -- always popular

Use as a platform on a dessert cart/buffet table - Bake off the square, drizzle with white chocolate top with a perfect chocolate dipped strawberry or a trio of raspberries with a tiny sprig of fresh mint.
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