Pseudo-patriotic cake?

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For those who don't now, the UK Department of Education is going through a massive indoctrinatory "British Values" phase to enforce patriotism and supposedly weed out Islamic extremism, and my school's annual cake competition and sale has the theme of "Best of Britain." Now, I've had the idea to make a cake themed around atrocities committed or supported by the UK in the last fifty years or so, for example: the military coup to instate the Shah in Iran instead of the democratically elected president, the crushing of the Mau Mau rebellion, giving unconditional support to Colonel Pinochet in Chile and Aparteid in South Africa via Margaret Thatcher and our current partnership with Saudi Arabia etc etc yet more damn etc. What can I do? If bring in something that looks un-British, I won't be allowed to enter, and I can't put in too much gory detail because Year 7 will be there.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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No particular ideas other than the usual flag design.

Have you tried an image search?

Just wanted to send a huge atta boy to your school for doing something that had it been done here in US would have been lambasted by the mainstream media as non pc and hurtful then immediately be outlawed.

Good grief there will be no more pork products served at our federal prisons as there were complaints by a certain community of inmates.

Took only a prez with a pen and poof no more bacon....pork chops....sausage....

You get the idea.

I guess it would prove too hard to just say no thanks and proceed down the line.

The pork producers have just had a huge chunk of business snatched out from under them......

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Off topic but you gotta love the way they use bacon as an example of pork the prisoners don't want. I believe the questionnaire probably said,

'"do you like the pork we serve?" Dah!!! Nobody likes a 1/4 inch pork chop or a 1/4 inch piece of pork loin seasoned with pepper and some sort of undisclosed Govt. anaphrodisiac, cooked until it is close to shoe leather.
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@Nathaniel Cooke  Instead of looking at the more recent idiocies of the political area in Britain......why not look at the amazing ancient ancestors of the Celtic/Pict, etc tribes that Britain wouldn't be Britain without. They have wonderful art to take cue from. Or the beautiful landscape of the Isles to take cue from. Or the architecture........or the industry......or, well you get the picture. Don't get bogged down and pessimistic about the stupid political crap when you are putting energy into making a cake! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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