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Mez's stories about her figs have put me into thoughts. I would never have guessed that at the middle of October one could have fruits that in this country are so strongly related to the summer and to the month of August.

While talking to a friend from England, he told me that he has already pruned his garden and he is ready for the winter. It's very early for pruning in Greece but I wonder if you have started the winter preparations for your gardens :)
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Only yesterday I planted garlic "Italian Purple"It's still a bit early here in southern CT,My roses are still blumming,albiet at a slower rate.

Everything that grows on new wood I pruned on Sunday after there seed pods had dried,all my lavedars are still producing as are my herbs "except Tarragon"I planted over 60 assorted bulbs last week and dug to new beds for cutting flowers.
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