Providing meals for disabled people

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Hi All, My elderly father is suffering from dementia & due to be discharged from hospital very soon. Carers will visit him each day to check he is eating (amongst other things). My job will be to provide the meals for the carers to reheat. What is the best way for me to do this. If I make an extra portion when I make the family meals I have the following questions - Can every type of meal be chilled then reheated? Will the meal dry up? Can I freeze a complete meal on a plate? Basically - Help!! (Please)
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There are many ways to do what you are asking to do. It all depends on what you are making. A favorite process of mine is to make the meals and freeze them in seal-a-meal bags. You can then pop them from the freezer into a pot of boiling water and when they are hot cut open the bag and pour it out onto the plate. Good luck to you and your father!
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I was in the same type of circumstance as yourself and Father with my Mom.  I found portioned type of plastic dishes, with sides that came up about an inch along fitted covers.  I found them at the dollar store.  I would make an extra portion of supper and lunch; put it into the different segments along with just a little water, like a few drops from my fingers.  I would refrigerate them and take them over to Mom’s place the following day as part of my visit with her.  That way too, she didn’t feel as though I was “babying” her, but just came to see her and oh by the way Mom, how about this leftover that I had from the other night.

I hope your Dad feels better soon!
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You can freeze pretty much anything, but things such as lettuce and raw tomatoes, cucumbers etc don't go very well.  I'd stick to pastas with a meat or vegetable sauce, stews, hearty soups like minestrone and pumpkin with or without some fried bacon bits, served up with some fresh bread and butter.  Pea and ham soup freexes well too.  Hey, pizzas freeze pretty well, as does lasagne.  Cheesecakes and fruitcakes also add some variety and won't suffer from freezing. Gotta make sure you wrap the portions properly so they son't get freezer burn.  As an addition, you can freeze up some grated cheddar cheese to be added when re-heating meals.  Pies, pasties, sausage rolls, dim sims, can all be microwaved and if wished, crisped under the griller/broiler.
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Not sure what your skill set is but if you like the frozen pizza idea here is an idea that I do with my kid. Make up some very basic pizza sauce(tomato, basil, garlic,touch of oregano, salt and pepper to taste), half some sourdough english muffins, put together some topping and shred up some mozzarella and pit them together. Put the on a small cookie sheet and let them freeze... then bag 'em up and your Nurse will be able to pop them in the toaster oven and you have an easy meal.

BTW, if you are not a cook, pizza sauce is really cheap to buy. I get my  muffins at costco and they are pretty cheap.
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