Proofing Box

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Has anyone used or currently used proofing boxes? What is their main use for, just any dough I wish? Are they more beneficial than than a temp controlled proofing cabinet, bench proofing, etc.
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The better ones provide a consistent temp and humidity. Consistent regardless of weather or conditions that change daily in the kitchen. You can also wheel a proof box to the oven, which is a lot faster and smoother than picking trays off of a counter.

For a fast paced kitchen there are also retarder-proofers. These are basically refrigerators that, at a given time, stop refrigerating and go on to a proof cycle. This means a baker can load up a box at 4 pm, and the morning guy can bake off fully proofed dough at 4 in the morning.
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They are especially great for naturally leavened wild yeast doughs, like brioche pan breads and buns, because the sourdough takes a bit longer to proof and need the temperature and humidity controls. As a bread baker, I always keep notes on water and dough temps, mix times, and proof times. Then when I feel the dough when shaping, I can adjust proofer setting to adjust considering all the other info. to achieve consistency.
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