Promoting Nutrition on Your Menu

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What are some ways that you promote nutrition on your menus? Following FDA guide lines, I make sure all menu items are fresh and healthy to the tea. :rolleyes:

Let me clearify this topic:

Suggested Menu Desriptions for a Healthy Menu:
*A discriptive name of an item (e.g., "Fresh baked fish" not "Catch of the day")
*Accompaniments (fresh vegetables, brown rice, whole-wheat rolls, etc,)
*Portion size (indicate options if available)
*The grade and quality of the product, if applicable.
*Processing and preparation method, (peeling, skinless, breaded, trimmed, etc.)
*fats/shortening/alcohol used in preparation or service.
*indacate what alternative cooking methods can be used.
*special spices or ingredients used.
*Types of eggs or dairy used in cooking.
*Nutrient values and calorie contents if available.
These are all specifics and can help the client or cunsumers get a better understanding of your business and that you are there to help and care for their dietary needs.

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You know NP, I have had great success with a healthier menu type. It serves as a backbone for better cliental. Healthy people are better to work for/with and have a taste for the better side of life. No matter how I bid the job, they seem to go with my style of cooking. It is really amazing how much you can grow in business if you put (healty item) or have a calorie count for each item. It's very trendy as well as profitable.

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