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OK so I started my trek back into the culinary world a month and a week ago (I still cooked at home but haven't professionaly for the past two years since I moved to NY). In the short amount of time I have been back I picked up full tilt right where I left off (last position was as a PM sous chef) with the exception of rate of pay and position. Due to my long hiatus from the kitchen I was forced to start back as a line cook, which honestly was desired because when moving up in rank you sometimes stray from the cooking part. In this short time I have impressed the KM and the GM who have different plans for me (GM wants me shirt and tie managered down and the KM wants me as lead line for now and supervisor later down the line), on top of that I just got a once a week position working with the mentally handicap teaching a cooking class and possibly teaching a computer class (I have a rather extensive background in computers and electronics so it sort of fit in).

So far that is my progression, I think I will do the lead line and stay there for a while due to my desire to get my culinary degree. Any suggestions or comments?
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Only you can decide which direction you take.

Personally, I've always liked to COOK and politely declined more than 1 offer for "promotion" to a uniformed management position. The longer you stay in the kitchen...the better you'll be in the kitchen:D Don't let the allure of a little more money trap you into something your not ready for.

Good luck whatever decision you make.

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